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Frequently Asked Questions concerning the redemption:

Can I give my paper BFS Voucher directly to the restaurant?

No, you’ll need to convert the voucher into a redemption QR code first. To do this, go to the redemption page [link] and enter your code, select the restaurant, and choose how much of your voucher’s value you’d like to redeem.

Can I use only a part of my BFS Voucher amount?

Of course! You may divide the value of the BFS Voucher between several restaurants. For example, if you have a 50 € BFS Voucher, you can visit two restaurants and redeem 25 Euros at each on different days!

Can the cost of my meal exceed the value of my BFS Voucher?

Sure, the restaurant will simply charge you for the remainder of the balance exceeding your BFS Voucher – it’s a great way to splurge on a high end meal with a discount!

Why can't I redeem the exact value of my credit at some restaurants?

Depending on the POS system used, some restaurants can only accept and process predefined voucher values. If you’re concerned about this topic, feel free to reach out to the restaurant beforehand.

If your balance is lower than the minimum amount, you can pay the difference and if you select a lower voucher value, you can use your remaining balance for another redemption later.

How long is my BFS Voucher valid?

The BFS Voucher is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase and can be redeemed for any restaurant on bfsvoucher.com. If you are unsure which restaurant to go to today, you still have enough time to convert and redeem the voucher later.

Can I show the restaurant voucher digitally?

Yes, the restaurant only needs to scan the unique QR code that you receive when you redeem the BFS Voucher on our redemption page. (It’s also in your email inbox, too.)

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Berlin Food Stories, affectionately known as BFS by locals, is not your typical dining guide; it’s an independent publication on a mission to help you through the labyrinth of Berlin’s vibrant food scene. By teaming up with BON BON, this restaurant voucher brings you Berlin’s best restaurants in one straightforward gift card.

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